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About Table Grace

Table Grace occurs through guided conversations filled with listening, laughter, trying on new ideas, and trying out speaking new thoughts. As worldviews expand and relationships deepen, our hope in the fullness and goodness of life is nurtured and confirmed.

Table Grace invites individuals and groups to hear and tell the stories which shape our lives. We listen to better understand where we have been, where we are now, where we want to go, and who we want to be. Table Grace creates opportunities for transformational conversations, story-sharing, and resourcing, so individuals, families (both given and chosen), organizations and congregations, and communities can explore the abundance of life marked by connection, meaning, agency, blessings, and hope.

Table Grace Partner Conversations are for those who desire to have hope rooted in possibilities that might not yet be realized. Partner Conversations are for those who are willing to imagine, to stretch, to consider new ideas, and to value the welfare of others as well as themselves. They are for those who are willing to look at where we are, seeing this as a starting place for where we might head. They are for those who hold values consistent with connection, meaning, agency, blessing, and hope and whose values ground who they will be and what they will envision for themselves and others.

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Table Grace Partner Conversations will be guided by the values of respect, spirituality, kindness, inclusion, hope, and freedom to explore and experiment. They will include sharing of stories, identifying of patterns and limiting practices and beliefs, and invitations to new stories and to generated opportunities for future consideration and action.

About Carol Wilson

Carol Wilson is the Founder of Table Grace and serves as the Conversation Partner and Guide for all Partner Conversations.  Based in Johnson City, Tennessee, she served for thirty years as a United Methodist Church pastor, district superintendent, and conference staff member helping others hear and tell their own stories and sort through complexities to reach clarity in priorities and direction and decide on next steps. Table Grace combines her personal and church leadership experience with further training in coaching, community-building, cultural systems, congregational health, and innovation processes. Click here to see all of Carol's additional training.


These eight statements reflect Carol's personal experiences and the commitments which guide Table Grace Partner Conversations.

  • I love "aha" moments when our experiences and knowledge come together to open up a new pathway.

  • I love looking again at a situation or challenge and finding a new possibility to explore.

  • I love seeing someone use their gifts and talents for the greater good.

  • I love learning and finding new resources.

  • I love imagination and visions that inspire and energize and heal.

  • I love when we do what we thought could not be done.

  • I love celebrating another's success.

  • I love when "WE" is as important as "ME."

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