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How Can Table Grace Support You?  Glad you asked!  The possibilities are endless: facilitating individual or group conversations for new directions, exploring how your organization or congregation can move toward thriving, exploring ways to contribute to the greater good of your community, facilitating small groups for peer support, exploring next steps ....  

If you don't see (or know) what will work for you, contact us. We can dream together about what will help YOU!  Click here for ideas of what we've already done!

​   Table Grace provides
   Partner Conversations to:
  • EXPLORE stories which limit us,
  • CREATE stories of possibility, and 
  • DEVELOP next steps for individuals, small groups, organizations, and congregations.

Table Grace provides

Partner Conversations

to foster abundant life for all through

a commitment to connection, meaning, agency, blessing, and hope.

Welcome from Carol Wilson, Founder of Table Grace

Thank you for visiting the Table Grace website! I am delighted to share with you the vision which captures my heart. I invite you to explore the possibilities Table Grace offers.


My personal journey is shaped by the words of Jesus found in the Christian Bible, in John 10:10b: I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. In recent years, I have been drawn to a description of the leading causes of life as connection, meaning, agency, blessing, and hope. This sounds kind and gentle, yet also challenges who we are now for ourselves and each other and who we will be in our future.  The first part of


John 10:10 names the significance: The thief enters only to steal, kill, and destroy.  There is much that seeks to divide, to isolate, to take away the gifts life seeks to offer. Table Grace provides opportunities to claim these gifts again, to find them in our everyday experiences, and to share them with our communities and beyond. 


Table Grace creates space for transformational conversations and story-sharing for individuals, small groups, organizations, and congregations. I call these Partner Conversations as they draw on the wisdom of all those in the room. As we listen and share and gather information from a variety of sources, we create a path emerging out of this opportunity to see new visions and dream new dreams. This is a critical time in our nation, world, communities, congregations, and families. I look forward to exploring together, stretching our assumptions, and finding new possibilities for connection, as we deepen our sense of meaning, identify our callings, take steps to be a blessing for others, and create hope for the future.

You are invited to the Table. Let’s explore life together!

Get in Touch

Feel free to ask questions or request a complimentary introductory conversation. 


Table Grace Partner Conversations are designed with you and your particular needs, interests, and budget in mind.


Let's determine how you can best take next steps toward abundant life!

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